CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Teona Dalakishvili

Teona Dalakishvili comes from capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. She has Bachelor degree in international relations from Tbilisi State University and MA in Soviet studies from Ilia State University (Georgia). Her researches are mainly about conflicts in North and South Caucasus since fall of Soviet Union.

Since 2009 Teona is actively involved in civil society sector, she has started as a volunteer and her first project was a research about Internally Displaced People after war in Georgia in 2008. Since then she has actively worked in different Non-Governmental organizations, with special focus on conflict-affected communities.

In 2013 Teona did her EVS in CRISP, which became starting point for establishing local NGO in Georgia, Creative Development Center, that very closely cooperates with CRISP and other regional and international organizations, with main focus on non-formal education and peace and conflict management. She has 4 years facilitation experience and works as freelance trainer.