CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Iryna Lysenko

Iryna Lysenko was born in a shipbuilding town of Mykolaiv in the southern Ukraine. At 15, she left for an exchange year in the United States where she learned the importance of volunteering and community service. These notions, not so popular in Ukraine back in 2002, have greatly influenced her personal and professional paths.

Iryna has a Bachelor’s diploma in Teaching/English and German, which she received with distinction. Instead of working at a school in Ukraine, she researched discrimination against foreign students in Luxembourg as part of her European Voluntary Service. She then continued with an ASF Peace Service in Poland where for a year she supported survivors of concentration camps and developed workshops on historical memory. Upon her return to Ukraine, she founded Youth NGO Iskra, a youth mobility organisation that promotes volunteerism and intercultural understanding.

Iryna is currently finishing her Master’s degree in Peace & Conflict Studies at the University of Marburg in Germany. Her thesis is on hybrid wars and Russia’s identity politics in Ukraine. Apart from working for CRISP, she continues to run her own NGO and is active in popularizing scientific insights from Sociology and Conflict Studies among multipliers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. She has organised multiple academic summer schools on youth & conflict, conflict analysis, and politics of memory.