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Since 2007 CRISP has organized numerous projects, seminar, workshops and training-of-trainers. Thus our staff is ver well experienced and we have substantial practical know-how at our disposal. Through our previous activities we have covered a wide range of different formats and every year we develop new modules and target new groups of participants.

Geographically we are mostly working in Eastern Europe and former Soviet-Countries, the MENA-Region, the European Union and Germany. But we have developed close ties with other organizations, similar to ours, from all over the world.

Project Development

We develop our own projects, mostly in the fields of peacebuilding and conflict management. Here we rely on a coequal cooperation with our local partners. Together we analyse the local needs and agree on an entry point for intervention. Afterwards we jointly design and implement the project.

Please feel free to have a look at our previous activities. If you are interested in cooperating with us, go ahead and send us your project-draft. Read more.


We offer the design, the implementation and the evaluation of different facilitation-formats, such as workshops, seminars and moderation. Besides the method of simulation gaming, in which we became specialized over the last years, we command ample non-formal learning tools that fit to different target groups and different needs.

Regarding the topics we are also quite flexible, due to a our wide pool of external trainers. With all of them we have been working several times in the past. They possess different expertise, command different languages and are specialized in different target groups.

As long as we have enough time for preparation, we can organize all kinds of interesting events. Read More

Simulation Games

We adapted the method to the needs of conflict management and peacebuilding and gained substantial experience in the development, as well as in the implementation of simulation games. Until today we have developed plenty of simulation games and every year we access new contemporary topics by designing new game-mechanisms.

In order to get an overview of our simulation games you find a detailed description here, or you download our portfolio. Read more


Over the last years we became very convinced about the method of simulation gaming. Often times we are asked to pass on the method to other facilitators and teachers. In the frames of different projects we included a Training-of-Trainers part, in which the participants learned how to design a simulation game and what are the crucial issues during its implementation.

We do not offer any steady trainings. But if you are interested, please get in touch with us and we will try to bring the method of simulation gaming also to you. Read more