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Hidden Memories – Storytelling Workshop

Our project Hidden Memories entered its crucial phase. Within the next months, we will finalize the content and the programming of the smartphone-app, before we will celebrate the official launch during the anniversary of the Maidan-Events on 21. February 2018.

18.10.2017 created by Andreas Muckenfuß

At the beginning (June) we agreed on the project-details with our participants and developed a questionnaire, which we used in order to cover as many diverse perspectives as possible on the events at Maidan in Kiev between November 2013 and March 2014.

In October, we gathered and clustered around 60 interviews, aiming for a multi-perspective set of opinions, including highly committed activists, facebook and Instagram fanatics, women working in the kitchen, but also Anti-Maidan-Activists and police officers.

Out of these clusters, we extracted 12 stories that represent a maximum range of different perspectives. The stories will be interactive, meaning that the users will be able to decide about the course of the stories and that way get very close to the original events in 2013/14. In the next weeks, we will have the Studio-Sessions in Berlin and record the stories in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German languages. Parallel musicians will develop adequate compositions that will put the stories into the right mood.

Thanks to the tremendously committed contributions of our participants and their high level of ownership, soon you will be able to download the smartphone-app during your next stay in Kiev and this way undergo those very moving days in latest Ukrainian history.