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The implementation phase of our project “A Vision for Egypt 2025” has started.

All 5 initiatives promote our Vision of Egypt 2025. Today we want you present the first one from Aswan: “Glitter initiative”.

25.10.2017 created by Mohamed Ali

Establishing the “Glitter Initiative” as a unique girls’ club in Aswan had developed throughout their participation in SET IV, because they believe that girls should have equal rights to access expressive activities, that help them better discover themselves. 

The team consisting of a group of five (5) young girls, active and ambitious. being brought up within the context of Aswan city, have always felt that their rural community allowed more freedom for men than women and for urban more than rural citizens.

They have been volunteering with several initiatives inside and outside of their governorate, and at the moment, they want to bring the activities home to their peers and friends in Aswan.