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Nadi El Mohakah's New Website

We are excited to announce the launch of Nadi El Mohakah website!


At the end of our project-series, Simulating Egyptian Transition (SET), our participants with whom we were working together over years, founded their own entity: Nadi El Mohakah Foundation (Simulation Gamers Club Egypt). It took us some time to create the respective website, however it became beautiful and very user-friendly – see yourself:

Nadi El Mohakah, a group of passionate young Egyptians working together to promote values of peaceful coexistence by using the method of simulation gaming and implementing community development initiatives, providing support to beneficiaries through exchange of experience.

The goal with this website is to create a link between Nadi El Mohakah and its stakeholders. Nadi El Mohakah wants to keep you informed with its different activities and also maintains new partnership and cooperation with different sectors. Nadi El Mohakah hopes you enjoy its uncluttered structure and user friendly website.