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Now you can use our new database to find out about all the projects we have implemented until today.

11.03.2018 created by Andreas Muckenfuß

During the last ten years, we have implemented quite a number of different activities. Among them projects and workshops in the field of conflict transformation, but also simulation games on various topics. In order to make it easier for others to understand our scope of different activities we merged them all in one database.

Providing a user-friendly overview of all our activities shall facilitate further cooperation with new partners, with other partner from our different target regions and after all show the powerful impact of the simulation game method, as a tool of non-formal education.

The database includes several filters, so it you can easily find out what we did in a particular year, or what kind of activities we have realized in certain target region.

We are looking forward to our upcoming activities and to cooperate with new partners and to work on new topics in the near future.

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