CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Since 2007 we develop simulation games and we are still loving it. hence, we are very convinced of the additional benefits of the method as a very powerful learning-tool. If you want to implement a simulation game, you can either chose an already existing one from our portfolio, or you get in touch with us and we develop your individual tailor-made simulation game.

The Method

A simulation game replicates a segment of reality. The participants take on a role and try to deal with a specific problem, interactively and through means of play.

Within a given scenario the participants are challenged to deal with political and social problems by taking over the role of a stakeholder in the respective conflict.

Important for us is to show different possibilities for civil society to influence the political processes. Our goal is to promote an active and critical citizenry.

Various Topics

Over the last years we have developed simulation games on many different topics. In general they can be affiliated to the following categories:

1) Conflict Transformation

Our experiences prove that simulation games actually increase the understanding of conflict dynamics and thus assist the identification of alternative problem solving approaches. Read more...

2) Civic Education

Experiencing political processes first-hand is a tremendous eye-opener for many and experimenting with decision-making-processes in a riskfree environment, releases plenty of creativity. Further our simulation games stimulate critical thinking. Read more...

3) Participation & Urban Development

By recognizing the decisive factors of political processes and dynamics, citizens get empowered to constructively participate in political processes. Further, via our simulation games citizens and representatives of local administrations can jointly develop future scenarios. Read more...

Various Formats

Our simulation games cover a wide variety of issues. We are specialised in political and social conflicts and seek to develop adequate simulation games for local needs, ranging from local problems, e.g. in a town, to regional and international conflicts.

We worked with numerous organizations, on different topcis and with very heterogenous target-groups, in Germany and abroad. The different formats available vary from 4 hours up to 3 days.

Didactical Approach

Our simulation games highlight different aspects, depending on the overall learning goal and the target group: from the dynamics of decision-making-processes, strategy development and actors mappings, to experiencing personal conflict behaviour in stressful situations.

CRISP simulation games can be included in already existing formats. Just let us know the overall learning goal you want to achieve and we get back to you with a suitable simulation game. In addition, you can also assign us to develop a particular simulation game that fits your expectations.