Initiative Transparent Civil Society

In 2012 CRISP signed the Initiative Transparent Civil Society by Transparency International. Hereby we aim to contribute towards increasing transparency in the non-profit sector.

We invite other organizations to join us in signing this initiative. Civil society needs to be transparent and organized democratically, otherwise it risks its credibility and hence its legitimacy.

Below, we present an overview of our finances, our structure of organization and decision-making, and the leadership of our organization. For further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Name, address and year of establishment

Name: CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.
Address: Ringbahnstraße 54, 12099 Berlin, Germany
Year of establishment: 2007

2. Complete Statute and Statements about our Aims

Statutes: feel free to download our statutes here.
Aims:Through our projects we aim to promote a critical transnational democratic culture, in which different groups can engage in constructive dialogue to solve conflicts. Our work concentrates mainly on the development of simulation games and their use in three focus areas: conflict transformation, civic education and citizen participation

3. Information about tax concession

CRISP is a non-profit organization. Based on the notice of extemption from 08.07.2022 (tax ID 27/662/55626) we are exempt from corporation tax for 2019 until 2022 due to § 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 9 KStG and from commercial tax due to § 3 Nr. 6 GewStG.

4. Name and function of the main decision makers

The board of CRISP is elected by the organization’s members for a time period of two years. During the last Member's Meeting [17.01.2021] the members of the board of directors were re-elected and thus Florian Dunkel and Andreas Muckenfuß continue to run CRISP's business.

5. Activities report

Our Annual Reports give you a summary of our projects and internal developments, as well an overview of our financial activities. For further details please have a look at our Annual Reports.

6. Structure of authority

The board of directors manages the business of the association and accept full responsibility regarding all issues of the organization. Together with the Project Coordinators they decide on general strategies and developments.

Additionally we usually have one assistant that works with us for a period of three months and ususally 2 volunteers, in the frames of the European Voluntary Service program (EVS), that work with us for a period of one year. Beyond we are also cooperating with external trainers on a freelance basis. 

7. Information about the source of funding

You can find all information about the sources of funding in our Annual Reports.

8. Information about the application for funding

You can find all information about the sources of funding in our Annual Reports.

9. Affiliated third parties

CRISP is a public charity that has 17 members and 15 sustaining members. At the annual meeting of the members the board accounts for the past fiscal year and presents the aims for the subsequent year. 

10. Names of juristical persons whose annual payings account for more than 10% of the annual budget.

In the year 2021, we received different funds related to our projects. Those fundings that represent more than 10% of our annual budget came from the following donors: Institute for Foreign Relations (IfA), German Federal Foreign Office and the Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (giz).