Our activities include different formats such as projects that last several months, workshops + seminars, the implementation of simulation games, as well as Training-of-Trainers on simulation gaming. In the following you find an overview of our current and completed activities.


Workshop: "Right-Wing-Populism" in Germany

In the beginning of March we conducted a two-day workshop tackling the burning issue of growing right-wing populist movements and parties in Europe. The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and took place at the...

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Fighting Right Wing Populism

The Heinrich Böll Foundation invited us to conduct a workshop on the issue of right-wing populism for one week-end. For this, 21 scholars of the foundation came together in Würzburg / Germany. The first day was dedicated to introducing the topic...

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Fighting Right-Wing Populism in Europe

"Fighting Right-Wing Populism in Europe" is a series of seminars in which a simulation game was developed which is providing a space to address the topic of right-wing populism. Within such context the sources, reasons, dynamics and effects of...

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