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Activating Non-Voters in Brandenburg

The workshops conducted within this project aimed towards the state election in Brandenburg on September 14. 2014. Thereby the focus was put on the mobilization of voters.

Quick facts


July - September 2014


Potsdam, Germany



For this purpose at the kick-off meeting there was a new simulation game developed together with multiplicators from Brandenburg. The new simulation was tailor made to the needs of the participants. Consequently, the new game was implemented during five workshops at different places all over Brandenburg. There, new ideas were generated and immediately tested on their suitability for the daily use. The participants got a possibility to try out their ideas within a model which is close to the reality, being enabled to draw practical conclusions for their work and commitments.At a final venue in the beginning of September the experiences, methods and their effectiveness were collected and presented.

Target Group

This project was especially designed for multiplicators, who could bring the findings of the workshops into their work and societal commitments. Consequently, the participants were, among others: members of educational establishments and the administration, youth social workers, young party members, members of youth parliaments, et al.

Project Goals

For the state election in Brandenburg, the group of non-voters was a considerable challenge. The group was diverse and therefore had to be approached in different ways. Hence, the aim of the workshops was to find reasons for the lack of participation and, building on them, to find or develop adequate measures to tackle the problem. To have a tangible result, at the end of every workshop, measurement catalogues were developed. In addition, all participants could use the developed simulation game afterwards. The simulation could then be conducted by the participants independently.


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