CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Conflict Simulation Game Seminar Balkans 2010

This project was a continuation of our previous activities in the Balkan. In order to systematically strengthen civil society, it was necessary to analyze the situation and position within its social contexts. The aim was to explore its respective strong and weak points. Through the reflection and analysis of civil society and its country-specific conflicts, the project helped to determine synergies. Therefore, at the end of the seminar it came to a lively exchange between the participants and thereby intersections, as well as setting opportunities for contacts.

Duration:July - December 2010
Locations:Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and FYROM
Budget:44.522,60 EUR

Target Group

The seminar aimed at activists from the field of conflict transformation, who live and work in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia. Therefore, a civil society background was a prerequisite for the participation in the seminars.

Project Goals

Networking: By bringing together people from different countries that shared the same intensive experience of the simulation game and discussed the results, the seminar offered a good basis for a durable and stable cooperation. Furthermore, the simulation game method was passed: this was a possibility for a sustainable knowledge transfer. We are convinced that the simulation game method can represent a profitable tool in conflict management.