CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Conflict Simulation Game Seminar in Kosovo 2008

For seven days, 20 participants from Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and Serbia came together, in order to simulate the near future of Kosovo and the region. Within the first two days of the seminar we prepared ourselves for the simulation game with the aid of local experts in the field of conflict-management. Afterwards we simulated for two days a possible scenario of the Kosovo issue.

Duration:August - December 2008
Locations:Prishtina, Kosovo
Budget:38.389,00 EUR

Target Group

Civil society activists and NGO members aged 18 to 30 from Serbia, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Project Goals

Apart from conveying information about the conflict itself, the core issue of this simulation is to impart knowledge about political processes and dynamics of conflicts. The methodological approach of the simulation is very valuable in order to experience the inner logics of politics. It also helps to obtain an inside view of the inherent necessities political actors are faced with. The intense experience of the simulation and cooperating during the seminar provides a perfect framework for networking and a starting point for future regional collaboration. The simulation allows the participants to experiment with different kinds of strategies. This lead to a variety of new perspectives and options. During the simulation, negotiation skills and other capabilities like teamworking as well as problemsolving strategies, are practiced and conveyed.