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Euroforum - Annual Meeting 2011 in Berlin

The Euroforum meeting 2011 gathered 40 young citizens and activists involved in the 8 member organisations of the Network during 10 days in Berlin.

Quick facts


25.02 - 05.03.2011


Berlin, Germany



5 participants per team were thus in the German capital, from the following NGOs: CRISP (from Germany, who hosted the meeting), La Pech' (from France), UAM (from Spain), Euroforum Polska (from Poland), Movement for Freedom (from Belarus), AEGEE Tbilissi (from Georgia), International Center for Human Development (from Armenia) and Ol! (from Azerbaijan). During three different workshops the participants worked on different topics related to civil engagement. The partner organizations could bring in their expertise on an equal level. By this the participants could learn from each other, and get new impressions and inspirations.

Target Group

Youngsters between 20 and 28 from the eight member countries. Together we want to encourage each other to become active citizens, to open to the world, by interchanging and developing original methods of action and cooperation.

Project Goals

The main goal of this meeting was to create a space where participants could learn about the expertise and the activities of their fellows and develop together common actions and projects, to strengthen civil society. This meeting combined both activities in common and in work groups, animated by the coordinators. By this prejudices were reduced and a dialogue was fostered.


The project could be realized thanks to the kind support of the European Commission