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First Training Component on Action for Regional Climate Help (ARCH)

We successfully completed the first training component of the Action for Regional Climate Help (ARCH) project in Sudan, which is taking place concurrently in Sudan and Egypt, with 30 selected young participants from youth-led organisations. They had the opportunity to get to know each other, express their hopes for the project, and deepen their understanding of climate advocacy and climate action.

Quick facts
DURATION27.11.2022 Until 01.12.2022
LOCATIONSKhartoum, Sudan
PARTICIPANTSSudanese youth aged 18 to 35 who are members of a youth-led organisation addressing social and environmental issues.


After a long process of mapping, recruitment, and selection with our partner organisation, SECS, we successfully recruited 30 young people associated with a youth-led organisation in Sudan during the first ARCH working package. These participants were invited to a five-day workshop in November, where our partner organisation SECS, local experts, and CRISP members launched the ARCH project's first training component.

As a result, participants were able to interact with other like-minded young people working on social and ecological issues, develop a wider network, be part of a larger climate work process, and influence the ARCH process in the years ahead.

Project Goals

The first training's goals were to assemble all participants, talk about the project, share personal experiences and knowledge about climate change,  and learn more about climate change advocacy work and climate change actions. Furthermore, we were able to look into the interconnectedness of the climate issue and frame it from the local to the national and regional levels. Finally, we played a simulation game to gain a better understanding of climate resilience, cooperation, related issues, and climate action.

Target group(s)

Youth-led organisations (YLO) are the target groups, with a special emphasis on female leaders and female-led YLO. As part of ARCH project working package one, 30 young participants were chosen for this training.

The participants range in age from 18 to 35 years old and are members of a youth-led organisation in Sudan. A goal of having at least 50% female participants and participants from various regions of Sudan was set. These individuals will be a part of the three-year ARCH project.

Planned Outcomes/Achievements

All participants were very keen to be part of this training and the journey ahead. They have already begun applying for one of the two paths offered by this ARCH project: climate advocacy work or climate direct action.

Participants in the following training component will be assigned to one of two tracks and will be involved in self-organized applied climate actions as well as bottom-up climate policy recommendation and co-creation.


This activity was implemented in close partnership with