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Simulation Game

Fit for Life

In the end of September 2013 CRISP conducted, jointly with the organization Planspieler, a simulation game at the 1. Gesamtschule Neukölln, Berlin. 20 pupils of the 10th grade participated in the project.

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Berlin, Germany



The aim of the project was to develop an increased understanding among participants about the challenges of life after school. Another objective was raising awareness about the difficulties that occur already earlier, e.g. while finding apprenticeships.In order to convey this, the pupils simulated the relevant period of life they were situated in. During the different rounds of the simulation game they had various possibilities to anticipate and reflect upon the prospective course of their life. Among the opportunities the pupils had were receiving a better school diploma, earning money by conducting unskilled work, doing an internship or getting an apprenticeship. If the pupils wished to receive help, they could, like in real life, see a career counsellor. Moreover, they could take out insurances and open bank accounts. Hence, the simulation game was designed very realistically. The unusual of this simulation game was, that real life actors participated, representing their particular institution, and as a consequence representatives of Media Markt, GLS Bank, Allianz insurance and the Federal Employment Office were on-site. This fact further increased the level of reality and represented a stimulating factor for the pupils.

Target Group

The simulation game was designed for pupils who are close to finishing school, but are still unsure about how to design their lives.

Project Goals

The project’s main goal was to raise awareness among the pupils about what expects them during their last year in school and the time afterwards. They were not only familiarized with the options they will have and what they will need to do to achieve them, but were also reminded about e.g. the importance of punctuality in professional life and the significance of taking out insurances.