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Inhub Egypt

In April, we met different actors of the Egyptian civil society, discussing possibilities to build up an intercultural network of trainers for political education, stretching beyond Cairo. Together with civil society activists from Egypt and France we designed an online platform that aims to facilitate the matching process between different organizations, initiatives and individuals from the three countries.

Quick facts


Starting in April 2014 [open-ended]


Fayoum, Egypt

Individuals and representatives of Civil Society

Organizations from Egypt, France and Germany

We were first setting the ground (mission, vision and values) and then worked on the search engine. The launch of the platform is planned to take place by the end of the year. After a first testing phase, we will broaden the target regions and hopefully be able to provide a tool for civil society organizations from all parts of Europe and the Middle East. As also during our last trips to Egypt, we were again highly impressed by the enduring will of the local activists to transform their society. So, CRISP is confident that future cooperation will be fruitful.

Target Group

Civil society organizations, as well as individuals from Egypt, France and Germany. In the long run the online platform will be open to further organizations and individuals from the European Union and from the MENA region.

Project Goals

“Bawabbet El-Midan“ (Square Gate) is an online portal that is designed to be a space where we get to know each other, the initiatives, projects and activities we are working on in order to collaborate and support each other. Not only that, “Bawabbet El-Midan“ will also be our common space where we will try to live and adopt the values that we missed a lot. For this space to be safe and different, we have to guarantee the respect for our differences whether in terms of ideology, religion, gender, age or social standard. We also have to decide how we are going to manage these differences. This invited us to respond to a number of questions, including a very important one: will we show or hide? In other words, will we show these differences or better hide it? And our response in El-Midan was not only that we are going to show it, no, moreover we have decided to celebrate it too, because it is a reality and we need to learn how to deal with it instead of hiding it, escaping it or trying to bury it!