CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Introduction to peacebuilding & conflict management

Participants got introduced to the general concept of peace building and conflict management. Furthermore participants learned different methods of conflict management on a very practical level.In participating in this workshop participants learned more about conflict-structures, -analysis and-dynamics. Beyond we provided you with useful tools of how to handle conflicts in a non-violent way, which one can apply in everyday life. This workshop offered to improve: • communication and conflict-management-skills • understanding of democratic decisions-making.

Duration: November-December 2015
Locations: different locations in Ukraine
Participants: 80

Target Group

We recruited participants who were interested to learn more about strategies and concrete measures how to handle conflicts. The participants were between 16 and 25 years old, Ukranian citizenship or living permanently in Ukraine or a member of the German minority. Furthermore: the participants who are affiliated to an organization that is promoting the values of freedom and democracy; the participants who are working in the field of formal or non-formal education; if you‘re considering yourself an active citizen, who wants to support a democratic transition.

Project Goals

We reached the goals of fostering the concept of diversity in general and of political diversity in particular. Moreover we used this series of workshops to start building a network among like-minded people that give rise to sustainable partnerships, as a basis for further cooperation in 2015.