CRISP - Simulation Game

Simulation Game

Role of civil society

This simulation focuses on the role of civil society and how it can reform and be reformed as a basic part of a contemporary society. The overall goal is to learn about the diversity among civil society actors and although they have similar general goals, they also are competing for limited funds. Participants learn how to identify common goals and build coalitions beyond organizational differences. Thanks to the participants who lived the experience during the simulation game and had a fruitful conversation, discussions and raised many questions for themselves.

Quick facts


November 2017


Berlin, Germany


Target Group

Cross Culture fellows from 17 different nations. Approximately 21 years and above, who are active and engaging in their communities about civil society and its role.

Project Goals

Gaining insight into the conflicting interests that appear through various civil society members. Experiencing the issue of combining conflicting interests and fighting against division inside civil society. Insight into the process of forming coalitions and how can this be achieved. During the evaluation we discussed critically their roles to their societies, and a lot of questions were raised from the participants regarding the governments, donors and the policies in their communities.


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