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SchülerHelfenLeben - PAT Workshop 2008

During "social day" students exchanged their classrooms to a workplace and worked one day for social reasons. Their returns were spent to help projects on the Balkans.

Quick facts



Berlin, Germany




The project exists since 1998 and is organized by “SchülerHelfenLeben”. At the project’s choice meeting (PAT) the organizers of the “social day” held a meeting with approximately 250 student representatives from all over Germany for one weekend. Their goal was to gain more experiences about the region of the Balkans and to find projects to promote their “social Day” earnings. There were many different workshops offered, which refer to various social, political and cultural issues as far as the Balkans is concerned. Since 2008 Crisp is represented in this project with a two hours game regarding the conflicts in Kosovo.  In the beginning the game dealt with the main issue of Kosovo within the framework of an international conference, so the participants slipped into the role of the inhabitants from the small town of Leskovo.  In this project the issue was about the controlled participation of all the inhabitant groups and the solutions for the various problems of the town.

Target Group

Students in the age from 15 to 18 years.

Project Goals

Knowledge about the conflicts in the Kosovo region.


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