CRISP - Simulation Game

Simulation Game

Energy-Oriented Modernisation in Urban Development

In cooperation with the Urbanizers, plan zwei and KEEA we developed a tailor-made simulation game to support the program “Energetische Stadtsanierung” (Energy-Oriented Modernisation in Urban Development). 

Quick facts


01.01.2019 – 31.03.2019


Berlin, Germany


municipality staff, other local stekeholders


Housing, and the associated use of water, heat and energy, is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce this share, the BMU provides several funding opportunities via the KfW (Reconstruction Credit Institute). One of these is the program “Energetische Stadtsanierung” (Energy-Oriented Modernisation in Urban Development), which aims to fund the development of integrated strategies to increase the energy efficiency of quarters. In cooperation with the Urbanizers, plan zwei and KEEA we develop a simulation game to assist this program.

Project Goals

With this simulation game we aim to provide relevant players with background information about energetic urban sanitation, raise awareness for this topic and and foster the process of developing a strategy to increase the energy efficiency of the quarter. During the simulation game, the actors get the opportunity to become acquainted with other relevant players and their perspectives on the topic.

Thereby, the players can obtain a comprehensive overview of the boundary conditions, potentials, challenges, interests and competences, preparing a possible future application to the funding program. Finally, we aim to draw the attention of the participants to the funding program and make the whole process more transparent for them, also raising approval for potential further (construction) measures.

Target Group

The simulation game addresses players from the municipal and energy sector as well as relevant players of a quarter, like the house management, power supplier, multipliers or grid operators.


After several planning meetings with the organizers we've started the development process. of the simulation game. Together we will have one test-run and apply the fine-tuning. Afterwards the simulation game will be downloadable from the websites of the organizers.

Outcomes / Achievements

One simulation game for free use. We hope many people inside the local administrations and from the field of urban development will find it useful and gain new insights.