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Simulation Game: Krapowa

At the beginning of July we conducted a simulation game on the topic of sustainable development with high school students in Ingelheim. During the simulation game the students played the roles of citizens in Krapowas – a city, which faces several social and economic problems – and had to find solutions to improve the situation of Krapowa.

Quick facts




Ingelheim, Germany



During the last years, many factories and plants had to shut down, leading to high unemployment rates, depopulation, and tight budget situations. In addition to the economic crisis, the town also faces environmental issues, the educational facilities are outdated, and other social and cultural institutions are not able to withstand the economic difficulties. The students had to find new concepts and creative approaches in order to sustainably revive their town. Therefore, the residents of Krapowa are challenged to re-organize the city resources.

Target Group

High school students from Ingelheim participated in this simulation game.

Project Goals

Through the negotiation process, participants realized the importance of using a holistic approach that includes environmental, cultural, social, and political aspects to ensure an inclusion of all actors and therefore an optimum utilization of the available resources.


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