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Simulation Game

Simulation Game „Taberlingen“ at the Annual Conference of the forumZFD

CRISP conducted the simulation game „Taberlingen“ in the frame of the Annual Conference of the Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD) in Köln between the 20th and 21st of October.

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Köln, Germany



During the simulation game participants slipped into the role of local actors living in the fictitious small town of Taberlingen located in the state of Hessen. As members of the municipality, labour union, local non-governmental organizations and representatives of different political parties, the participants searched for appropriate solutions to the challenges of accommodating and integrating a relatively high number of  newly arrived refugees. Assuming the positions of the different actors, participants were able to experiment with different argumentation and communication strategies. Through this experience, they experienced a wide range of emotions connected to debating values and core ideas and learned to reflect on their own communication habits.

Target Group

The conference aimed at reaching persons who are engaged in activism for peace and sustainable development from all over Germany and who are interested in learning more about debating and dialogue in a divided society.

Project Goals

The conference focused on reducing the fear of conflicts in peace activism and sustainable development. The event aimed at strengthening the ability of peaceworkers in constructive debating and dialogue in the face of the challenges of a divided world.


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