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Simulation Game

Simulation Game: TANDERA

During the simulation game, which focuses on the dynamics that evolve during a fictional secessionist conflict, the participants tried to apply the knowledge obtained during the first sessions. The actors in the simulation game took on the roles of representatives of governments and non-recognized territories, civil society organizations, armed groups, third countries and international organizations, attending a conference to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Quick facts


October 2017


Kyiv, Ukraine


Target Group

The three day workshop was organized for students of Ukrainian universities with an interest in peace and conflict-research.

Project Goals

The participants learned basic concepts of peace and conflict studies, like the ABC triangle, structural violence and the PIN-model. Applying those tools and concepts to the model of the conflict situation, they understood the necessity of viewing conflicts from different perspectives. They further understood that in order to truly transform conflicts we need to go beyond exchanging positions to trying to identify the needs in play.The fictional scenario was therefore a helpful way of discussing potential solutions in an experimental environment, and then applying it to the actual conflict setting of the participants.


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