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Simulation Game "Transolvia" with IfA Cross Cultural Interns

Spaces for the important work of civil society are shrinking in countries all over the world. Government repression, increased regulations, corruption and forced registration are just a few ways in which this space is becoming smaller.

Quick facts


13.11. and 14.11.2018


Berlin, Germany


23 Cross Cultural Interns from the

Cross Cultural Programm of IfA

(Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)

The simulation game Transolvia addresses this issue by showcasing the interactions between government representatives, international donors and members of civil society and allowing participants to develop new perspectives by taking on new roles in the dynamic. Twenty-three international participants from the Cross Culture Programme run by IfA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), currently doing internships with a variety of German civil society organizations, came together for a two-day workshop with CRISP on 13. and 14. November to examine the role of civil society in their countries as well as the changing landscape and challenges for this vital element of democracy.

Target Group

The workshop participants were 23 Cross Cultural Interns from countries ranging from Egypt to Bangladesh to Belarus to Indonesia and many others who are currently volunteering at German organizations for a duration of two to three months.

Project Goals

The purpose of the seminar was to acquaint the participants with the method of simulation gaming as a means of examining, from a new perspective, a situation that is present in their own country and a subject which is relevant to their own work in civil society. The participants also interacted with one another to learn about the phenomenon of “shrinking spaces” for civil society and what it looks like in their respective countries.


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