CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Social Leader Forum

The Social Leader Forum aimed at exploring innovative ways of tackling the problem of employability of disadvantaged groups of societies. For this it brought together representatives of civil society, business and public sector to explore the potential of a cross-sector cooperation and the use of business models in NGO work.

Duration:August - December 2016
Locations:Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Turkey
Budget:41.132,00 EUR

Target Group

Young political, civil and economical activists.

Project Goals

The developed initiatives covered a wide range of approaches, reaching from a social fashion show over job training for handicapped people to an event for young people on how to use their creative talent to get a first work experience. They attracted big attention in their environment and successfully managed to connect the different societal sectors. Furthermore, an international network was established with people from the participating countries committed to the inclusion of vulnerable groups in the job market.