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Trainers against Discrimination

Trainers against Discrimination was a project led by Creative Development Center in cooperation with CRISP e.V. It aimed at raising awareness about the problems of discrimination as well as Empowering Local Organizations in Caucasus and Europe with the Tool of simulation Games.

Quick facts


July-September 2015


Berlin, Germany



The project began by a meeting in Berlin, Germany, on July 3-5, and was followed by a Training of Trainer’s workshop in September. Hereupon the local organizations implemented simulation games in eight countries raising awareness for the problems of integration and challenges related to minorities.

Target Group

24 young professionals from different regions participated in this workshop.

Project Goals

The project aimed to provide the space for discussion around the topic of identity, discrimination and conflict and to help participants develop new skills and competences, in facilitation of simulation games. Young trainers were supported in acquiring skills of developing simulation games on the relevant topics and were encouraged to conduct local activities with their target groups using simulation games as a tool.Also network of the trainers working on the topics of discrimination and conflicts was created.


This activity was implemented in close partnership with