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24 Participants from 4 EU (Poland, Germany, Italy, Cyprus) and 4 non EU (Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia) countries visited Berlin to take part in the Training Course organized by CRISP on the topic of conflict transformation. Trainers of CRISP together with partners from Forum Theater NGO (Armenia) introduced creative tools for dealing with the conflicts on different levels.

Quick facts


October 12 - 19.2013


Berlin, Germany


The first part of the seminar was dedicated to Simulation Games as a tool. Participants had a chance to change their prospective through playing Simulation about Secessionist conflicts. They also attended the workshop on creating and designing their own Simulation Game. In the Second half of the seminar Participants were introduced to the Forum Theater Concept and prepared and performed their own plays. This was accompanied by employees of the Paulo Freire Institute of the Free university Berlin. They gave participants feedback on their performances and informed about how they use creative methods in their work. Participants also visited two NGOs in Berlin, working in the field of conflicts: CSSP - Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation and OWEN Mobile Academy.

Target Group

24 youth interested in conflict transformation and eager to acquire new skills and competences, and be introduced to creative tools, such as Simulation Game and Forum Theatre.

Project Goals

Participants have been introduced to Simulation Game and Forum Theatre. During the seminar participants also discussed ways of future cooperation, and they are planning to continue their collaboration through implementing activities using Forum Theatre and/or simulation games.


This activity was implemented in close partnership with