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Training Course: "YouSim"

In August CRISP conducted, along with the Moldovan MilleniuM Training and Development Institute, a training of trainers in Berlin. The aim of this training was to familiarize the participants with the method ‘simulation game’ with the result that they were able to use it during their work in their respective organizations.

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Berlin, Germany


In total 22 civil society activists from 10 countries came to the German capital. Besides conducting several simulation games and visiting Humanity in Action, another NGO familiar with the method, the participants received an extensive theoretical input. During the second part of the seminar the attendees even created their own simulation games about topics that are relevant to their work. In small groups the participants worked on the development of 5 different simulation games. The subjects of them included, amongst others, raising awareness about different facets of migration and increasing activism among youngsters.

Target Group

Trainers in the field of non-formal education participated in these workshops.

Project Goals

Development of 5 new simulation games fitting to the needs of the participants. Until now 4 of the simulation games created during the training course have already been implemented by the participants!


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