CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Training for young diplomats from Island States

In March 2018, we developed and implemented a simulation game on a climate-based crisis scenario for young diplomats from Island States. The workshop was held in the frame of the international diplomat training of the German Federal Foreign Office and dealt with the complex challenge of adapting to climate change in a threatened environment.

Duration:March 2018
Locations:Berlin, Germany
Participants:15 junior diplomats

Target Group

Participants were young diplomats from 15 different island states, who were taking part in the international diplomat training.

Project Goals

During the simulation the participants were asked to develop a long-term strategy on important key issues related to climate change. The scenario was set on a fictional pacific island state and included prototypical challenges, which the participating countries are facing.

This allowed the young diplomats to get a deeper understanding about decision making in complex environments as well as to exchange about the potential of international cooperation in adapting to climate change.