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Workshop: Complexity Management

CRISP recently conducted a three-day workshop on complexity management. We introduced the group to the concept of complexity and underlined the difference between something being complex and something being complicated. The participants were educated in the Cinefyn Framework, which was developed by David Snowden and clarifies the differences between simple, complicated, complex and chaotic situations.

Quick facts


04. - 06. June 2018


Thüringer Landesfortbildungsstätte Tambach Dietharz


14 state employees in leadership positions


They identified overarching themes and issues in their work, and by using the framework, were able to sort them by category. The participants learned methods such as inquiry, safe-to-fail experimentation and adaptive action to understand and tackle the complex elements of their own working environment. They worked together create action plans for alleviating some of the pressures associated with their complex work tasks and responsibilities. In addition, in order to experience complexity in action, the participants took part in a simulation game.

Target Group

The participants were state employees from various agencies of the German state of Thüringen. The workshop was part of an 18-month continuing education course for state employees who are increasing their leadership responsibilities at work.

Project Goals

The goal of the course was to introduce the participants to the concept of complexity, to teach them skills to deal with complex situations in order to increase their skills and competencies in leadership. 


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