CRISP - Simulation Game

Simulation Game

Training Course for German Military (Bundeswehr)

The simulation game deals with potential future scenarios concerning the development of Ukraine and therefore gives a deeper insight in the challenges the country is currently facing. The participants took the roles of actors from various sectors (politics, economy, civil society), which enabled them to also better understand the interdependencies between the actions of different interest groups.

Quick facts


27. + 28. of February 2018


Julius-Leber-Kaserne, Berlin, Germany


21 soldiers and officers
Target Group

The participants were all professional soldiers of the German Military. They all are part of the Training-Center in Munster, Germany.

Project Goals

The soldiers simulated the most relevant stakeholders of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.Beginning at the status quo they simulated the upcoming 12 months. During the evaluation phase the participants shared their insights on negotiation techniques and stressed the importance of diplomatic means for settling conflicts. 


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