CRISP - Project


Women Focused Networks South Caucasus

Opening a dialogue about the challenges faced by women in the South Caucasus.

Quick facts


01.04.2019 – 31.12.2019




24 women from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan


120 men and women from the participant`s communities

Twenty-four women from the countries of the South Caucasus - Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, all of them active professionally or voluntarily in the field of women´s empowerment, analyze the challenges facing women in rural communities and develop initiatives to raise awareness on the topics. They also establish support circles of and for women to continue the dialogue started during the initiatives and to remain active in creating opportunities for learning and change on gender based discrimination and policies. 

Project Goals / Content

Participants are trained in problem analysis, networking building and initiative development in order to implement activities designed to raise awareness about social and political challenges women face at the village level in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Activities involving men and women are implemented and a support circle for active women in the community is created.

Target Groups

The participants are women from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan who are active in the field of women´s empowerment either professionally or personally. They reside in rural villages and the corresponding municipal centres.


During the initial capacity building workshop, participants are trained in problem analysis and network building. They use these skills during the following two months to understand the challenges facing women in their communities and to assemble a group of men and women committed to raising awareness on the issues. At the second capacity building workshop, participants are trained in initiative development and implement an initiative on an issue uncovered during the problem analysis phase. They also establish a support circle of women for women to continue working on the issue. At the evaluation workshop, the participants evaluate their learnings and, together with the trainers, develop plans for a follow-up project.

Outcomes / Achievements

The project will benefit people in six communities in the South Caucasus. The beneficiaries will be exposed to challenges faced by women in their own communities and offered the chance to become part of dismantling them and changing the situation for local women.  Community members will become aware of the challenges for women and will gain awareness for their causes and the factors that keep them in existence. The participants will form networks of men and women working to combat the factors that limit the quality of life for women in the region.


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The project could be realized thanks to the kind support of the German Federal Foreign Ministry