Our activities include different formats such as projects that last several months, workshops + seminars, the implementation of simulation games, as well as Training-of-Trainers on simulation gaming. In the following you find an overview of our current and completed activities.


Results: 37

Training for young diplomats from Central Asia

In September 2017, we conducted our simulation game DIVINI for young diplomats from Central Asia in the frame of the ‘Training for International Diplomats’ program of the German Federal Foreign Office. In the frame of the simulation, the participants...

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D.R.E.A.M is a two years project in cooperation with DVV International, IRM and Youth of Osh in Kyrgyzstan. It has multiple components ranging from media work to community security dialogue. The project is aimed at establishing a constructive...

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Social Leader Forum

The Social Leader Forum aimed at exploring innovative ways of tackling the problem of employability of disadvantaged groups of societies. For this it brought together representatives of civil society, business and public sector to explore the...

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ToT: Increasing Accountability of local Politician through Simulation Games

The question of how to hold politicians accountable is crucial when it comes to establishing a democratic culture. In Morocco like in many transition countries, the political practice often doesn’t match the written law. Power-sharing, rule of law...

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Peace and Conflict Consultant

The project is dedicated to train local experts from the involved countries in the field of peace and conflict work. Through the training the participants should gain the tools to increase the quality and flexibility of local conflict management...

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Introduction to peacebuilding & conflict management

Participants got introduced to the general concept of peace building and conflict management. Furthermore participants learned different methods of conflict management on a very practical level.In participating in this workshop participants...

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Training of Trainers - Moldova

In Moldova in partnership with MilleniuM Training and Development Institute, we conducted a Training-of-Trainers on Simulation Games. In the beginning of the training the participants experienced two different types of simulation games. In the end...

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