Wir führen verschiedene Aktivitäten durch. Von mehrmonatigen oder -jährigen Projekten, über Workshops und Seminare, die Durchführung von Planspielen bis hin zu Fortbildungen. Hier finden Sie einen Überblick aller unserer bisherigen Aktivitäten. Zur einfacheren Navigation benutzen Sie bitte die Filterfunktion.


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Arabia Felix – Peacebuilding Quiz

In the framework of the Peace Process Support for Yemen (PPSY) implemented by the GIZ, we develop an online peace-building quiz. The quiz addresses young Yemeni citizens and aims at educating them on peace, conflict and violence. The quiz is being...

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Youth Participation in Kyrgyzstan

Within the framework of the GIZ Project “Prospects for Youth”  we conducted a consultancy aiming at enhancing youth participation on a communal level. The activities included among others the development of a tailor-made simulation game and the...

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Organizational Development in Kyrgyzstan

Throughout the year we conducted an organizational development process for our partners “Institute for Peace and Development” (IPD) in Kyrgyzstan.

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Academy for Conflict Transformation

Since 2015 we are contributing to the full time course in peace and conflict work of the Academy for Conflict Transformation. During the pre-final week of the course we are providing a  constructive space to reflect on the tools learned during the...

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Youth and religion in Kyrgyzstan (GIZ consultancy)

In the frame of a consultancy for GIZ Kyrgyzstan, a tailor-made simulation game and workshop format was developed and implemented with the aim to discover the interests and needs of young people concerning religion. Duration: 15.07. until...

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Training: Conflict advisor in the area of work with refugees

The aim of the project was to place the integration of internally displaced persons (IDPs) on the political agenda in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine.To achieve this goal the project focused on the training of multipliers or mediators to...

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Conflict Consultancy in Urban Development on the Tempelhof Airfield

Since the successful referendum, which prevented the construction of buildings on the former airfield of Tempelhof, many intensive discussions have been going on how the area should be used in the future.  With its size of more than 360 ha, the...

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Peaceful Dialogue

The project ‘Peaceful Dialog’ will bring together young adults from the civil society and representatives from different levels of the government to identify causes for religious tensions in Kyrgyzstan. The participants will develop potential...

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Tanzania - Appropriate Technology Development for the 21st Century

Attention on the ideas of Sustainable Development, Self-reliance and Ownership. This project presented Tanzanian grassroots initiatives that develop sustainable technological solutions for autonomous energy supply, safe sanitation and food...

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Analysing Civil Society in Belarus

The workshop offered the participants to elaborate together with other civil-society-activists and members of political parties a common analysis of the situation of civil society in Belarus. Together we identified difficulties and hindrances the...

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