Wir führen verschiedene Aktivitäten durch. Von mehrmonatigen oder -jährigen Projekten, über Workshops und Seminare, die Durchführung von Planspielen bis hin zu Fortbildungen. Hier finden Sie einen Überblick aller unserer bisherigen Aktivitäten. Zur einfacheren Navigation benutzen Sie bitte die Filterfunktion.


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UN Youth Delegates Sudan

The project aims to support and guide the first generation of the UN Youth Delegates from Sudan by offering them trainings, workshops, and mentorship opportunities, as they prepare to address pressing issues in their communities at an...

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Nigerian Pathway to Peace

The project “Nigerian Pathway to Peace” aims to establish elements of peace education and media literacy in Nigerian schools and other educational institutions on the basis of simulation gaming. The project will create culture of peace in the minds...

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Social Dialogue Ambassadors

In recent years, Kenya has increasingly faced the challenge of youth radicalization and violent extremism, especially in areas with a Muslim majority. This pilot project will make a measurable contribution to these challenges by employing a...

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Youth, identity, employability

The main goal of this project was to develop and conduct a simulation game tackling the topic of employability under consideration of identity issues. The simulation game developed together with trainers from six different partner organizations was...

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Tanzania - Appropriate Technology Development for the 21st Century

Attention on the ideas of Sustainable Development, Self-reliance and Ownership. This project presented Tanzanian grassroots initiatives that develop sustainable technological solutions for autonomous energy supply, safe sanitation and food...

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