Wir führen verschiedene Aktivitäten durch. Von mehrmonatigen oder -jährigen Projekten, über Workshops und Seminare, die Durchführung von Planspielen bis hin zu Fortbildungen. Hier finden Sie einen Überblick aller unserer bisherigen Aktivitäten. Zur einfacheren Navigation benutzen Sie bitte die Filterfunktion.


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TAR 2030 – Developing a Vision for Renewed Transatlantic Relationship

The project provides spaces and opportunities for young people in Germany to actively address those aspects of transatlantic relationship that are specifically relevant for their vision of the future.

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Working in Conflict-Sensitive Contexts - Methods of Conflict Transformation in their Practical Application

After we have successfully implemented an online workshop on the Do No Harm approach and postcolonial perspectives on the humanitarian sector CRISP invites to a follow-up-workshop focusing on fundamentals of Conflict Transformation and its practical...

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Promoting Localized Gender-Aware Simulation Development for Humanitarian Training

Humanitarian workers and organizations based in Jordan will develop their own community-led simulation designs

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Leadership Academy of the German Army (Bundeswehr)

For the “Leadership Academy” of the German Army (Bundeswehr) we conducted a Workshop on improving civil-military cooperation. The workshop was part of a two-years training program after which the participants become officers of the general staff.  ...

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Training Course for German Military (Bundeswehr)

The simulation game deals with potential future scenarios concerning the development of Ukraine and therefore gives a deeper insight in the challenges the country is currently facing. The participants took the roles of actors from various sectors...

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Simulation Game: Quo vadis Ukraine?

During the Ukraine-Lab, organized by our partners from MitOst, we conducted a simulation game on thestatus of Ukraine. Together with participants of the Ukraine-Lab, who had diverse backgrounds, we simulated a possible future development. The...

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