Wir führen verschiedene Aktivitäten durch. Von mehrmonatigen oder -jährigen Projekten, über Workshops und Seminare, die Durchführung von Planspielen bis hin zu Fortbildungen. Hier finden Sie einen Überblick aller unserer bisherigen Aktivitäten. Zur einfacheren Navigation benutzen Sie bitte die Filterfunktion.


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New Project "TAYA" will train European Youth Workers on anti-discrimination-education 

TAYA -Training Active Youth Workers in Anti-Discrimination-Education aims at enabling European youth workers to address topics related to discrimination and racism among their target groups and qualifying them to carry out educational activities that...

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Youth Project in Banja Luka: Fighting Right-Wing Radicalization

In the frame of the “Bosnia-Herzegovina Resilience Initiative” program, CRISP conducted a project that addressed topics of nationalist radicalization, extremism, right-wing populist rhetoric and hate motivated violence.

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Conflict Transformation Training for international Diplomats

In the scope of the Training for International Diplomats (German Federal Foreign Office) in Berlin, CRISP has implemented the Simulation Game, Kodori, dealing with conflict transformation for diplomats from the Western Balkans.

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All different- all equal: (Re)ACT against discrimination

The project "All different - all equal: (Re)ACT against discrimination" bought together 26 young adults from Germany and Macedonia to examine causes for discrimination and to develop possible reactions. Additionally, the participants explored...

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Conflict Simulation Game Seminar Balkans 2010

This project was a continuation of our previous activities in the Balkan. In order to systematically strengthen civil society, it was necessary to analyze the situation and position within its social contexts. The aim was to explore its respective...

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Conflict Simulation Game Seminar Kosovo 2009

The ConSim Kosovo project is the direct follow-up of our first seminar in 2008. Again, 24 participants from Albania, Central Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia got into the roles of the internaional and national stakeholders of the conflict and meet for...

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Conflict Simulation Game Seminar in Kosovo 2008

For seven days, 20 participants from Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and Serbia came together, in order to simulate the near future of Kosovo and the region. Within the first two days of the seminar we prepared ourselves for the simulation game with...

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SchülerHelfenLeben - PAT Workshop 2008

During "social day" students exchanged their classrooms to a workplace and worked one day for social reasons. Their returns were spent to help projects on the Balkans. The project exists since 1998 and is organized by “SchülerHelfenLeben”. At the...

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