CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V.

Online Implementation of the Simulation-Board Game “Energetic Urban Development”

Our latest addition to the CRISP simulation game family came to life: we were able to implement the board game twice in its first-ever online format. 

The board game was originally designed to be played face-to-face. Together with our partners “Begleitforschung Energetische Stadtsanierung, “Urbanizers – Büro für Städtische Konzepte” and “KEEA – Klima- und Energieeffizienz Agentur” as well as members from 6 different municipalities in Hessen, Germany, we were able to turn this board game into a COVID-19 safe version: participants joined in from more than 10 different locations in Hessen, Hamburg and Berlin. The board had been carefully translated into an online platform accessible to everyone and via a conferencing platform the participants were able to play: introductions, conversations and lively discussions ensued and the game truly came to life. After the final round more than one participant stated that they were motivated to get started with the funding process and that this implementation was helpful in getting the thought process started. The game is available in German and for free. 


27.10.2020 – 29.10.2020


Berlin, Germany


8 Municipality staff and partners