Our very first online workshop in collaboration with Amnesty International Algiers

We implemented our follow up CCP-Synergy project funded by IFA in the form of an online exchange between CRISP and Amnesty International Algiers. 

Our CCP-Synergy project in collaboration with Amnesty International Algiers is slowly coming to a very successful end.

Despite the current limitations worldwide, we were determined to challenge ourselves and constructively search for innovative ways to realize the project. Our implementation plan changed several times depending on the travel restrictions and provision of seminar rooms. This project went through many fluctuating phases, from restructuring everything from offline to online formats, to unfortunately not being able to realize the project with our second partner in Tunisia. Nevertheless, we had a very successful two-day online training workshop where the participants were introduced to the method of simulation games; what are simulation games? How to develop a simulation game? How to facilitate a simulation game? And finally, the participants also applied the theoretical knowledge gained in the first day and a half of the training by taking part in the practical implementation of our simulation game titled ‘Ahl Heissa’.

The participants showed very high levels of interests and motivation. And despite the fact that it was a shorter version of the simulation game played by only less than half of the suggested number of players, the participants were really in their roles and had very constructive heated arguments, which were enjoyed by the participants themselves and by the trainers as well.

We are very glad that we were able to introduce the method to the Algerian youth and we hope we could transfer more knowledge and experience with them through various future projects.