Quo Vadis European Union? – as seen by Iraqi Diplomats

On the 22nd and 23rd of November we have implemented our updated simulation game, ‘Quo Vadis EU’ for twelve participants of the international diplomats’ training from Iraq.

The game focusses on the future development of the European Union in the face of current challenges of integration and rising euro-skepticism. Additionally, a new country is applying for membership in the Union, however the accession can not be decided upon before key questions of the Development of the Union are clarified.

We had a lively and diverse group from Iraq with a high variety of focus areas. They took the roles of member states representatives, representatives of the European Commission and Parliament as well as of the applicant country to discuss the questions in order.

The game was the basis of a two-day workshop in which participants were able to ask the most pressing questions they have about the structure and functioning of the EU, discuss its role in a global context and make their own assumptions on how its development should and would progress.