Testing phase of “Hidden Memories – Follow-up” has started!

These days, the most interesting history lessons are taking place in Ukrainian schools. That is because the project “Hidden Memories. Follow-up” shifted from its theoretical part to practice, and its participants started testing pedagogical modules that they have been developing during the last several months.

20 teachers from different cities and villages of Ukraine have created thorough and detailed methodological materials for teaching the most controversial and painful topics of the contemporary history of Ukraine. And now they are testing them with their students.

During these lessons, high school students not only listen about the collapse of the USSR, the Orange Revolution, or the Annexation of Crimea but also join the research work, get familiar with the stories of witnesses, search for historical truth and learn to see big events in a frame of separate personal stories.

Using the hashtag #hiddenmemories_practice you can find Facebook reports of our incredible teachers-developers on how the lessons went and which insights they and their students got.

At the end of the project, a handbook with all the modules will be created to support Ukrainian teachers in working with sensitive historical topics.