Training for Diplomats from Latin America and the Caribbean

CRISP held a simulation game on regional integration for a group of diplomats from Latin America and the Caribbean

CRISP was invited to conduct a simulation game at the Federal Foreign Office for diplomats from Latin America and the Caribbean, that came to Berlin for a month of intensive training. The game “Omaria” aims to involve its participants into solving complex challenges that are the consequences of economic and political integration. It simulates the annual conference of the organization of ORIO (Organization for Regional Integration in Omaria) where heads of states and foreign ministers decide about the future of the region.

For two days, our participants were trying to find solutions for three very challenging topics: freedom of movement in the region of ORIO, democratic standards, and climate change. The group was very devoted to solving the issues in the best possible way, and played their roles with passion and professionalism. They developed 9 proposals, and after long discussions, only some of them have passed.