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TAR 2030: Starting a New Project on Transatlantic Relationship for German School Students

With the beginning of the new school year, we are glad to announce the start of TAR 2030 project and are inviting interested teachers to join our first activity together with your classes!

YouPi Trainings with Civil Society Activists

Together with our local partners, we have conducted online and offline trainings for project multipliers.

Back to Georgia with Civic Education

The second phase of our project in Georgia has begun, this time not only with simulation games, but also with theatre methods

Call for a Volunteer from Ukraine for 1 Year in Berlin

Are you young, active and with desire to change the world? If yes, this opportunity is for you. We are looking for a volunteer from Ukraine to join our team for one year within European Solidarity Corps (former EVS). The planned date of start is...

Berliner Schüler*innen verhandeln neue Regierungskoalition!

m Superwahljahr 2021 und insbesondere kurz nach der Bundestagswahl stellt sich eine Frage mehr denn je: Wer wird die Bundesrepublik in den kommenden 4 Jahren mit wem regieren? Welche Koalition wird aus den Sondierungs- und Koalitionsverhandlungen...

Berlin School Students negotiate new government coalitions

Germany has seen several important elections on federal and state level in 2021. Shortly after the election of the Bundestag end of September, many want to know who will govern Germany in the next 4 years. Which coalition will emerge from the...

Introducing Robert Schirmer

Our organization is glad to welcome Robert Schirmer, our new intern from Hertie School in Berlin. He received a Bachelor degree in Politics and Sociology. He did research on the interplay of migration, education and conflicts as well as was paying...

CRISP’s Trainings are also available offline for Institutes worldwide

Since 2020, we have been focusing on delivering online trainings and we have expanded our online offers portfolio in 2021. Now we offer our courses offline for Goethe Institutes worldwide

The first part of the TAYA training was a success and part II is now in preparation  

Thanks to the valuable partnership with the United Society of Balkans in Greece and the outstanding contribution of the participants, the first anti-discrimination training (TAYA) was a great success and part two is now in preparation.

Vacant places for our simulation game workshop on the practical application of methods of conflict transformation!

There are new places available for our upcoming workshop "Working in Conflict-Sensitive Contexts - Methods of Conflict Transformation in their Practical Implementation". The two-and-a-half-day workshop conveys the basics of conflict transformation...

Introducing Khalil El-Masry (Egypt): CRISP's new CrossCulture-Intern

Together with Khalil El-Masry from Egypt, we are developing a self-learning course to increase resilience among young people in Egypt. We intend to have the course up and running by November 2021.


Webinar: Simulation Games and the Constitutional Process in Chile

On the 15th of September we conducted a webinar together with our local partners in Chile. We presented our project PRESENTES, as well as our methodological approach and discussed its potentials.