CRISP is based in Berlin. CRISP was founded in 2007 under the concept of adapting and utilizing the Simulation Game Method for conflict management purposes. We are an independent, non-profit, non-partisan and non-confessional organization.

However, the operative part of CRISP is delegated to 2 Executive Directors, who are managing the organization and further are responsible for the implementation of all projects and activities.

A detailed overview of our projects and further activities you find in our Annual Reports.

General Member's Assembly

The very foundation of CRISP are its members. Once a year during an annual meeting the members gather, in order to monitor the overall development of the organization and further to take legal decisions. Moreover the members elect the legal representatives of the organization (Executive Directors). At present, CRISP has 17 full members.

Executive Directors

The Executive Directors are elected by the members, for a time period of two years. The directors are responsible for the achievements of the organization's objectives.

In order to do so, they coordinate all legal duties, represent the organization externally, set the agenda of the general meetings, command the annual budget and develop the overall strategies. During the annual Member's Meeting they report to the members, present future strategies and discuss challenges.

Further they are in charge of the operative part of CRISP as well. This includes the management of all projects ran under the name of the organization. The directors coordinate and monitor all projects regarding their successful implementation and their contribution to the overall goals of CRISP.

Since 2008 the board of directors is represented by Florian Dunkel and Andreas Muckenfuß.


CRISP is an approved sending and hosting organisation within the framework of the European Voluntary Service. We welcomed our first volunteer in September 2011.


Besides the regular members, CRISP has also sustaining-members, who are supporting us since the beginning. We are extremely grateful for all the assistance we have received to date – both financial and in-kind.