Our activities include different formats such as projects that last several months, workshops + seminars, the implementation of simulation games, as well as Training-of-Trainers on simulation gaming. In the following you find an overview of our current and completed activities.


Results: 12

Simulation Game Development: Awareness for different perspectives on the “Middle East Conflict"

In cooperation with our partner KIgA we are developing the simulation game “Our common future” that deals with an international youth conference where participants discuss solutions for peace in the “Middle East Conflict”.

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Women Focused Networks – Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Local support circles of women in six rural areas in the South Caucasus build their capacity in human rights education and community development.

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UNDP - Youth Leadership Program (YLP 5)

After the successful collaboration on organizing a simulation exer-cise on youth engagement in policy dialogue in December 2018, CRISP and Simulation Gaming Club Egypt had the pleasure to extend this cooperation and deliver a new simulation exercise...

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Women Focused Networks South Caucasus

Opening a dialogue about the challenges faced by women in the South Caucasus.

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Peaceful Dialogue in Kyrgyzstan

The "Peaceful Dialogue in Kyrgyzstan" project is going in its third round with a focus on the increasing polarization of the discourse around religion and secularism in the country. We will continue working with civil society actors, religious groups...

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Simulating Egyptian Transition IV

The starting point of the project is the current situation in Egypt. Increasing social and economic cleavages that lead to an increasing loss of trust as well as a segregation among citizens, result in large parts of the population feeling...

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Social Leader Forum

The Social Leader Forum aimed at exploring innovative ways of tackling the problem of employability of disadvantaged groups of societies. For this it brought together representatives of civil society, business and public sector to explore the...

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Anti-Discrimination Workshop in a facility for unaccompanied minor refugees

During the last years many unaccompanied minors arrived to Germany from different countries. Fleeing from unbearable living conditions they try to build up new life’s here. As a first stage upon their arrival they are accommodated in facilities,...

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Trainers against Discrimination

Trainers against Discrimination was a project led by Creative Development Center in cooperation with CRISP e.V. It aimed at raising awareness about the problems of discrimination as well as Empowering Local Organizations in Caucasus and Europe...

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SET-3: A Vision for Egypt

A Vision for Egypt 2025 (SET III) is the most recent project out of a series which started in 2012. It builds on the accomplishments, as well as on the lessons learned from previous years. Previously we promoted the innovative learning tool of...

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All different- all equal: (Re)ACT against discrimination

The project "All different - all equal: (Re)ACT against discrimination" bought together 26 young adults from Germany and Macedonia to examine causes for discrimination and to develop possible reactions. Additionally, the participants explored...

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Simulation Game: Diversity at the Young Islam Conference

We developed a simulation game on diversity, integration and religion for the Young Islam Conference of the Mercator Foundation. The simulation game was hosted by the mayor of Hamburg and took place in the cities’ beautiful town hall. Here 40...

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