Our activities include different formats such as projects that last several months, workshops + seminars, the implementation of simulation games, as well as Training-of-Trainers on simulation gaming. In the following you find an overview of our current and completed activities.


Results: 3

Leadership Academy of the German Army (Bundeswehr)

For the “Leadership Academy” of the German Army (Bundeswehr) we conducted a Workshop on improving civil-military cooperation. The workshop was part of a two-years training program after which the participants become officers of the general staff.  ...

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Training Course for German Military (Bundeswehr)

The simulation game deals with potential future scenarios concerning the development of Ukraine and therefore gives a deeper insight in the challenges the country is currently facing. The participants took the roles of actors from various sectors...

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Simulation Game: Quo vadis Ukraine?

During the Ukraine-Lab, organized by our partners from MitOst, we conducted a simulation game on thestatus of Ukraine. Together with participants of the Ukraine-Lab, who had diverse backgrounds, we simulated a possible future development. The...

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