Our activities include different formats such as projects that last several months, workshops + seminars, the implementation of simulation games, as well as Training-of-Trainers on simulation gaming. In the following you find an overview of our current and completed activities.


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Simulating Egyptian Transition

The project aimed to support the ongoing democratic transformation process in Egypt. By promoting democratic values and civic education among young people, we encouraged and enabled them to participate in the transformation process in a critical...

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Practice Peace

On 22th of February, CRISP together with ‘Kreisau Initiative’ launched the continuation of the first part of 'Practice Peace!’ . With almost the same participants from Israel, Palestine, Germany and Poland, the sessions this time took place in...

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The goal of SimVISION was to develop a common vision for the South Caucasus and by this contribute to trust and confidence between young people. To achieve this goal, a simulation game seminar for 24 young (18-30 years) participants from Armenia,...

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Practice Peace 2011

In cooperation with our partner organization ‘Kreisau Initiative’ we organized the project   'Practice Peace!’.  The seminar brought together 24 young people from Germany, Israel, Palestinian Authority and Poland in Krzyzowa, Poland. The main...

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People Power - Transition in Belarus

During the process of transition towards a stable democratic political system, elections are a crucial moment. The way they are carried out defines the level of legitimacy governments can generate. Until today, still many governments rule on a...

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Joint Civic Education

Social Leader Forum is the follow-up to Joint Civic Education’s Cross-Border Program which was first piloted in 2010. CRISP joined the Program in 2011 as a cooperative partner of MitOst Association and Iris Group Managing diversity. In 2013, 25...

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Euroforum - Annual Meeting 2011 in Berlin

The Euroforum meeting 2011 gathered 40 young citizens and activists involved in the 8 member organisations of the Network during 10 days in Berlin. 5 participants per team were thus in the German capital, from the following NGOs: CRISP (from...

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Conflict Simulation Game Seminar Balkans 2010

This project was a continuation of our previous activities in the Balkan. In order to systematically strengthen civil society, it was necessary to analyze the situation and position within its social contexts. The aim was to explore its respective...

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Conflict Simulation Game - Caucasus

We conducted a conflict simulation game together with students from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The simulation was embedded in a 7day Seminar, including Preparation and Evaluation. All participants slipped into the role of one of the main...

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Conflict Simulation Game Seminar Kosovo 2009

The ConSim Kosovo project is the direct follow-up of our first seminar in 2008. Again, 24 participants from Albania, Central Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia got into the roles of the internaional and national stakeholders of the conflict and meet for...

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Conflict Simulation Game Seminar in Kosovo 2008

For seven days, 20 participants from Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and Serbia came together, in order to simulate the near future of Kosovo and the region. Within the first two days of the seminar we prepared ourselves for the simulation game with...

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SchülerHelfenLeben - PAT Workshop 2008

During "social day" students exchanged their classrooms to a workplace and worked one day for social reasons. Their returns were spent to help projects on the Balkans. The project exists since 1998 and is organized by “SchülerHelfenLeben”. At the...

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