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ToT at the Helmut Schmidt Stiftung

In June we first introduced our updated “Wer regiert Neuland?” simulation game and WebApp to the Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt Foundation. The simulation game, which received new funding and input over the last four months, will be multiplied through...

First meeting with the AG Planspiel from Verstärker Netzwerk and the Federal Agency for Civic Education Consultancy in Simulation Game development in discrimination-sensitive contexts

Last Thursday we had our first online meeting with the AG Planspiel from Netzwerk Verstärker that will be consulted by CRISP during the process of simulation game development about the topic of racism. 

The Netzwerk is a group of people in...

Neue Regierung gesucht - dringend!

Das neue Planspiel Wer regiert Neuland? macht Politik erlebbar und verständlich. Via ihrer smartphones schlüpfen junge Menschen und Erstwählende in die Rollen von Politiker*innen und versuchen eine stabile Regierung zu bil-den. Nach dem Planspiel...

Spendenaufruf: Schutzwesten für die Ukraine

Wir bringen Schutzwesten dorthin, wo sie Leben retten. Allerdings können wir dieses Projekt nicht alleine stemmen – wir brauchen eure Unterstützung! 10% der Kosten trägt unser Verein. Für den Rest brauchen wir euch. 


We bring protective vests to places where they save lives. However, we cannot manage this project alone - we need your support! 10% of the costs are covered by our association. For the rest we need you. 

Simulation Game „Energy-Efficient Urban Redevelopment”

The last online Training for Multipliers took place

New Simulation Game: Serketia

Assessing Local Needs to Fight Neglected Tropical Diseases

Workshop on the Practical Application of Conflict Transformation Methods

During October 22-24, our team held a workshop “Working in Conflict-Sensitive Contexts – Methods of Conflict Transformation in Their Practical Application”.

TAYA-Project Successfully Completed!

From 5th to 11th of November more than 25 participants from 9 countries came to Baitz near Berlin to learn about racism, sexism, intersectional issues between different types of discrimination. How was it? Read the details below! From 5th to 11th of...

TAR 2030: Starting a New Project on Transatlantic Relationship for German School Students

With the beginning of the new school year, we are glad to announce the start of TAR 2030 project and are inviting interested teachers to join our first activity together with your classes!