CRISP-Infopaper, now in Arabic

We’ve summarized our work and give examples of our previous projects and their impact. Furthemrore we present our team and our methodological approach.

The main aim of the Infopaper is to extend our partner-networks. Therefore, please have a look at the document and feel free to share.

Early 2019, we gladly presented an updated version of our Infopaper. Here you can find brief information about CRISP background, aims, goals, methods, projects and our achievements. Now it is finally available in Arabic and hopefully will be useful to start new partnerships and new projects.

The Infopaper includes our background history, outlines our different scopes of work and sums up our methodological approach, focusing on the method of simulation games. Furthermore, you will also get a better understanding of our  work by getting brief insights into some of our previous projects. Over the last years we have extended our regional focus and today we are running peacebuilding projects in Eastern Europe and former Soviet-Countries, as well as the MENA Region and Sub-Sahara-Africa, the European Union and Germany.

Moreover, you will be introduced to our diverse team and its different skills, qualifications and regional expertise which paves the way for more opportunities to adopt to many different needs and requests.

Please follow this link in order to see and download our Infopaper: